Section 1   Introduction

1.1               Scope of the policy

This policy covers the fees and packages that DNA Skills charges for end-point assessments (EPA) and other products and services. The policy is designed to:

  • Be clear and transparent, with no hidden costs or details 
  • Fair and appropriate, providing value for money for all partners
  • Appropriate to the level of standard and assessment activity the customers are purchasing
  • Detailed cancellation arrangements and/or refund terms

1.2           Purpose of the policy

This policy is aimed at all partners and potential partners who are interested in DNA Skills products and services. 

This document should be read in conjunction with The Partnership Agreement. 

1.3           Reviewing the policy

This policy will be reviewed annually or:

  • Interim when there has been changes to policy or legislation
  • Where DNA Skills are approved for additional apprenticeship standards.


Section 2    End-Point Assessment Fees

2.1           Fees & Support Materials

DNA Skills is committed to having a competitive fees structure that is in place for all EPA services that it provides.

The fee for each assessment will include the following:

  • End-point assessment activities
  • Support materials
  • Account management

Fees are split into two payments:

Payment One (Engagement Fee)
25% on registration of the apprentice onto the Creatiogreen platform*

Payment Two (Gateway Fee)
75% on successful passing through gateway, prior to the EPA being delivered

*A credit will be raised for the engagement fees of any apprentice that is withdrawn more than 30 working days before their expected gateway date (as logged in Creatiogreen)

Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice. DNA Skills will, on receipt of payment one, release the following support material:

  • DNA Skills Apprentice and Provider Guides and Maps
  • DNA Skills Delivery Guide and Map
  • DNA Skills Preparation Material

Prices for DNA Skills EPA are available on the website at www.dnaskills.co.uk

DNA Skills has an up-to-date price list for all our EPA services which is available via our website (www.dnaskills.co.uk) or as requested. The fee-setting methodology and fees may change in line with any government or legislative policy changes (for example, where any changes to published funding bands necessitate a review of fees for any particular standard) or in conjunction with an assessment plan change.

DNA Skills will make sure that partners are notified at least 3 months in advance before any fees are amended or changed.

All fees for the service of EPA are payable by the Employer (this may be through the provider).

2.2       Invoicing & VAT

Invoices will be raised each month for any fees due, with payment terms of 30 days.

Invoices will include the following information:

  • Your individual partner number (created by Creatiogreen)
  • Date raised
  • Fee reference (e.g., registrations / gateway / resit)
  • Booking form reference(s) (created by Creatiogreen)
  • Apprentice Initials
  • Net amount (including VAT breakdown if applicable)
  • Payment due date

Although the standard fees for each assessment are exempt from VAT charges, the table below highlights all fees and VAT rules that apply to each:

Fee - VAT Rule

Standard EPA Fees (Engagement & Gateway Fees) - VAT Exempt

Resit/Retake Fees - VAT Charged @ 20%

Administration Fees/Charges - VAT Charged @ 20%

Additional Services Separate to EPA Offering - VAT Charged @ 20%

VAT charges are subject to any revisions made by HMRC.

DNA Skills will retain records of all invoices for a period of 7 years in line with HMRC rules. 

2.3       Credit Control

Where a partner fails to pay within the payment terms DNA Skills reserves the right to:

  • Withhold specific materials and services until such debt is settled 
  • Delay or suspend any new registration and/or EPA requests 
  • Charge interest on the amount owed

2.4       Eligible/ineligible costs

Our pricing structure is in line and compliant with the ESFA expectation that it will not exceed 20% of the maximum funding band allocated to any standard. Our advertised fees are developed with the consideration of the following:

Eligible Costs:

  • Individual assessment components detailed within the published Assessment Plan
  • All associated costs linked to registrations, administration, and assessment of all components – including review and maintenance
  • Support, guidance and mock assessment materials and wider support offer
  • Costs associated to support any special arrangements we may need to put in place to ensure a fair assessment practice
  • Costs associated with ensuring a consistent and robust Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) process, inclusive of standardisation activities
  • Associated costs for External Quality Assurance (EQA) body

Ineligible Costs:

  • Recruitment, onboarding, and general training of EPA Assessors
  • Marketing materials or promotional items
  • Other products and services that are not related to the delivery of EPA

Section 3    Withdrawals, cancellations and rescheduling

Any amendments and cancellations to EPA bookings will be subject to the following conditions/fees:

Any request to withdraw, cancel or reschedule EPA will need to be submitted by contacting their account manager and submitting a request on Creatiogreen via the public comments on the relevant apprentice booking form. This can then be acknowledged with appropriate action taken.

DNA Skills recognises that there are many possible reasons why assessments may need to be amended, and reasonable consideration will be given to each case on its own merits. We therefore reserve the right to charge but may not in all cases.


The term “cancellation” is extended to include where assessments are scheduled to take place but do not proceed due to non-attendance by the apprentice. In this instance, the fees set out within the cancellation fees table for notice given less than 48 hours prior to EPA will apply.


Non-attendance by the apprentice can be defined by receiving no contact from the apprentice or provider to explain the absence within 20 minutes of the planned start time. For remote assessments, guidance is given on steps to take and communications in the event of lateness or technical difficulties.

Section 4    Retake and Resit Fees

All individual assessment plans will provide detail related to any conditions that are associated with resit or retake opportunities. 

DNA Skills pricing structure supports individual’s assessment components to be undertaken at a fee set proportionate to the completion of that particular assessment. All such fees are discussed, agreed, and outlined our individual Approved Partner Agreements. There are no hidden charges in our resit/retake fees. 

Fees for resit/retake are charged and invoiced separately. These fees are outlined in the Approved Partnership Agreement.

Section 5   Contacts

Your contact for this policy

If you have any queries about the contents of the policy, please contact our DNA Skills EPA Team:

Email: enquiries@dnaskills.co.uk

Telephone: 01344 944675

DNA Skills EPA Team
7 Lakeside Business Park
GU47 9DN

Title & Key Responsibilities

General Manager - Accountable for the strategic objectives of DNA Skills and its regulatory compliance. Ensures all policies are effectively implemented

Head of Quality & Compliance - Responsible Office and point of contact for regulatory bodies. Oversees the version control of policies

Head of Product & Assessment Development - Acting Deputy for Responsible Officer. Manages the development and life cycle of our products

Quality & Performance Manager - Responsible for the delivery of assessments and quality assurance processes

Head of IT/DPO - Data Controller